Lazy Hits

Easy hits for your web site(s)

We would like to extend to you a chance to have some of our deluxe traffic! We leverage a minimum of 1,000 hits per day, with an average of a quarter of them being entirely unique. We realize that even the best offers need eyes to view them in order to make a solid turn-around and traffic exchanges are one way to accomplish this.

Don't be fooled by the others that promise lots of traffic but hold very little to no standards behind thier traffic, many of them use auto-surf or other methods of low-quality traffic generation for their clients. At Lazy Hits, your offers will be seen only on premium, well-recognized manual traffic exchanges. This is a fantastic way to get your web site recognized in the broad sea of so many others without spending money on monthly memberships or clicking a mouse repeatedly every day yourself.

What we do

We're already generating traffic through numerous well-known traffic exchanges. Here's a brief list of some of them we leverage every single day! Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, just a good example of our daily generation.

  • Easy Hits 4U
  • Webmasterquest
  • TrafficG
  • Legacy Hits
  • Legacy Result
  • Manual Hits
  • Cool Cat Hits
  • Surf 4 Quality
  • Sound Surf Live

Site Rules

In order for your site to be considered for rotation in our system, it must meet the following criteria.

  1. It must not promote a Ponzi scheme or HYIP
  2. It may not be a bitcoin generator or free mining platform
  3. It must be in the English language or have an easily accessible option for an English translation
  4. It must not promote any activities that are illegal under U.S. law
  5. It may contain adult material, as long as it is tasteful and non-pornographic

Sites submitted that break the rules are NOT refundable, so if you have any questions please contact us first!

How to get started

In order to get started in our system you must use one of the below options to buy in your position. We are currently only supporting Bitcoin for payment options, but more are coming soon. Positions are usually $25 a URL, but to celebrate our grand opening, positions are only $10!

Keep in mind that this buys you traffic from our system not for one month or even one year but for the lifetime of our program! Pay once and never again, it's that easy!

You may specify more than one website at a time using quantity, but remember to leave the website URL(s) in the "Note To Seller" box!

Contact Me

You may contact us via email any time for any questions, comments or concerns. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply, typical response time is often less than 2 hours.