Intangir is the world's only free-to-join profit sharing program

The Intangir System is a brave new idea. A system that not only benefits those at the very top, or those who put in the most effort, but everyone... as close to equally as humanly possible. So I have created a system where working the system rewards both the promoter AND everyone else! There will truly be no one left behind in our system!

What I offer

The system works on a combination of ad and product revenue. At the first week of each month the total income is tallied and then divided up amoungst those on our list. Payments will go out by the 15th of the month and I will tell you in advance if we forsee any problems. You literally have nothing to lose; this is a true No B.S. easy money system. There is nothing else like it out there!

In our system there is:

  • No sponsoring whatsoever
  • No fees to pay
  • No investments of anything but your time
  • No profit hoarding by me or early adopters
  • Low promotion requirements
  • The easiest earning system out there

Why I offer this

I am an average guy from Kansas and have lived most of my life reliant on others and the state. Trust me when I say that I know what it's like to go without. My monthly salary that I've been expected to live off of is less than 4 digits long. This has placed me into some tight situations but I have managed to continue plugging on through determination and my dream that it someday will be nothing like this, a life of comforts and more of life's finer pleasures. This program is a step in that direction.

You most likely have never heard of me before, but I have been around the Internet in some form or fashion since the turn of the century. I have dabbled in many buisness ventures with no real success. I, possibly like you, have struggled to reach my dreams of wealth and prosperity. I have recently discovered what it is that I am lacking, what I needed to succeed... and that is others to share wealth with. I just can't forsee myself living a happy life without others having a same piece of that great pie I am hoping to some day achieve.

Then you have all the other programs out there that promise you the world, only to leave you fending for yourself or waiting on spillover that may or may not ever come. The only thing you gain from them is more uncertainity for your future and lots of wasted time and money.

Now I am not about to claim that our system is going to make you indepedantly wealthy, even I will not have that luxury. What it will do is make ALL of our days just a little better with each step it grows.

If you can afford to put so much as 15-30 minutes a day of your time toward one single program, make it this one. You'll not only be helping yourself, you'll be helping everyone else involved as well!

Sign-up and get started!

Become part of our revolutionary system and start earning as soon as next month! All you have to do is promote our co-op page at the link below via your choice of media. Be sure to pay special attention to our rules because violating them will forfeit your place in our system!

If you are not already, please use a secure version of our page for signing up. We value your privacy!

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Rules for System Promotion

Our rules are simple, please follow them carefully

  • The rotator must be promoted in-tact with no alterations
  • The rotator should be promoted exclusively, do not use them on another rotator
  • Honor exchange system rules, no rotators means our system can not be promoted there
  • Do not promote on automatic surf systems

You may promote our co-op via the following link: http://www.intangir.com/coop/

If you have any questions about the Intangir system or its rules, you may contact me at admin-AT-intangir-DOT-com

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